How We Move

Welcome to The Resistance!

Some of y'all have been with The Resistance for a long time, some are checking it out, and some folx are joining up. We are happy to know you.

The Resistance is a bookstore and nonprofit, gift shop and inclusive learning space focused on celebrating the history, present, and future of historically underrepresented communities. We center our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color); Chicano/a and Latinx communities; LBGTQIA+ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual,+), Immigrants, asylum seekers and Refugees, persons with disabilities and neuro-divergent individuals, persons with justice system experience, womxn and femmes, survivors/victims of sexual, domestic and emotional violence, older adult populations, persons living with HIV, persons experiencing houselessness, and persons living in poverty.

At the store there is a resource library; used books, audiobooks, and new books; a rotating art gallery; computers to check out; unlimited possibilities for community connection and learning; space to meet while sipping complimentary tea or coffee; and products from community artisans to inspire today's revolutions and recuperation. 

In this space we build up ourselves, our communities, and our movements. From here on out there is no "the rest of us" in Michigan. There is only our Resistance. Our space, our terms. The Resistance is community steered and founded by Queer and BIPOC folx with experience in social movements, politics and advocacy. This is the world as we know it should be. Connecting the visionaries who have been doing the good work with those looking for ways to do good, to heal, and to change. Where knowledge has purpose - sometimes for peace and sometimes for radical overhaul, but always for beautiful progress as we see fit in the safety of our own space.

BOOKS TO BOOTS. We do work here. The Resistance Reads and Moves. The focus of our work is amplifying the good work of our fellow justice-centered organizations; offering space for those organizations to meet and serve the community; providing the most current books, programming and a supportive space enriched by and for our communities to be used to build stronger individuals, communities and movements; and ensuring representation for our underrepresented communities in the everyday - from books to magazines to workshops to toys to greeting cards.