Community Board

A diverse group of people sit around a table having a meeting in an image next to the title 'Community Board'

The Resistance is a true Community Bookstore. Our founders are the stewards of what we collectively decide to do with what we build together, our core board keeps the trains running on time, but it's the community and its leaders who will run the decide the direction. If you represent an organization representing a community impacted by oppression or are an individual from a marginalized community wanting to be more involved please consider applying for the Resistance Community Board.

Note: The aim of the Resistance Community Board is not to add MORE work to our already stretched advocates and advocacy organizations, but to connect us all and offer opportunities for all organizations representing impacted communities to sign up for the resources/programming we will be able to offer, while creating an open line for leaders from each community to give input and time as their capacity allows. Sign up HERE or contact us with questions at