Create A Wishlist

You can access your wish list through the ‘My Account’ link

Only users with an account (logged in) can create and manage wish lists. When site visitors select the ‘Add to Wish list’ button, they will be prompted to either create a new account or log into an existing account (if they're not already logged in). 

 Select ‘Wish List’ 

  1. Title - Title for the wish list. Modify the default title created by the system. This title can be used by other visitors to search for this wish list
  2. Your Name - Your name as you would like to appear if you email your list to others. This ‘name’ can be used by visitors to search for this wish list 
  3. Event or Expiration - The date on which this wish list will expire. For instance, if this wishlist is for a wedding registry, you may want to make the expiration date the day of the wedding. Expired wish lists will not be listed when searching for wish lists.
  4. Hide Expiration - If enabled, the expiration date will not be visible to viewers
  5. Private - Private wish lists will not be listed when someone searches for wish lists on a site but can be emailed to friends and family. 
  6. Don’t Require Shipping If enabled, orders that contain items from a particular wish list (only) will not require shipping information during checkout. Can be used for book donation drives, school book fairs, etc.
  7. Notes - You can include a description of the wish list, which will be displayed on top of the wish list.
  8. Mailing and Delivery Address You can add a mailing address to the wish list. To make this setting function as the default delivery address for the wish list, you will need to enable 'Use this address as delivery address' underneath the address.

When making any setting changes, make sure to select the ‘Save Settings’ button.