Special Discounts

Please sign up for our discount programs if you are an educator; nonprofit leader; advocate; have enrolled in any of our book clubs, learning tracks, or youth programming; or are a business working with our Community Board on a DEI Training. 


Educators receive 20% off (School ID required)


Nonprofit Leaders and Organizations receive 20% off (Nonprofit Status Required)

Program Participants (Businesses/Governments/Other)

Businesses, nonprofits, and governments participating in DEI trainings that utuilize curriculims developed and facilitated by our Community Board advocates will receive 20% training resources (the most ethical way to ensure you are getting the best of the best expertise in Michigan, representing the needs and best practices of our underrepresented communities while ensuring our most vulnerable communities get paid for their labor.) 

Book Club, Learning Track Members, Tutoring, Literacy or Other Resistance Program Participants

Youth and adults will always get 30% off books you buy to participate in book clubs and learning tracks (developed in collaboration with advocacy organizations), and youth participating in our tutoring and literacy programs will receive their books for FREE.

Send us an email at if you qualify for an above discount with qualifying credentials attached.

Can't Afford A Book?

Here at the RESISTANCE we know knowledge is power and so is literacy. So if the price of a book makes it inaccessible we will make it yours. You can make this policy more easy breezy for us to offer by making cash donations to The Resistance or by adding the book credits you are due when you donate good used books to the "Knowledge Bank" rather than asking for credits toward your next new book.