Make A Contribution

One way you can support The Resistance is to make a contribution. 

We are thrilled to have converted The Resistance to a nonprofit.

Your donations, and book purchases, help us cover costs for the website and bricks and mortar shop - and all the amazing programming we have planned!

You can check our government docs at:

Your donation may be tax deductible (depending on your taxes - we don’t know your money, honey).

Our IRS Tax Exempt EIN is 86-3047261. 

Use this link to give a financial donation now or use the form below to add a contribution to your purchase. Mark your donation for The Resistance! We ask for your name and address and phone number so we can send you a receipt. 

To donate requested goods and supplies to The Resistance bookstore, please drop off items at the bookstore during regular business hours.

At this time, the work we do would benefit from donations of:

  • Your social movement flyers/posters for display to document our community's role in making change!
  • Art Supplies: cardstock, paint (kid-friendly, other), smocks, paint brushes, drawing paper, crayons, yarn, string, colored paper, scissors, modge podge, etc.
  • Laminating Machine w/ supplies
  • Button Maker w/supplies
  • Small multi-speaker Bluetooth audio system 
  • Microphone and amp/speaker set.
  • A NOT Gigantic Podium (we are small but mighty)
  • Good condition stackable or folding chairs set for several
  • Cash money, to be really real (we have books to buy...and lighting, and, much connecting and building to do!)

Please let us know via if you can provide any of the above and we will arrange a pick-up and receipt!

Thank you all for the love, support and regular reminders of Lansing's ability to organize around progress and working to be our best selves.

In Solidarity,

The Resistance


Quote by Audre Lorde "Without community, there is no liberation"